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Vinyl Siding Foundry COLOR SAMPLES for Grayne Shingle 5" Exposure


  • $12.95

Color Samples for Foundry Grayne Shingle Siding

Please note that these are only Color Samples and not actual pieces of the siding (actual size 4" x 3")

You can choose up to 3 colors per order

Cape Grey 401, Autumn Shade 402, Lakeside Blue 403, Ridge Moss 404,

Aspen Brown 405, Mountain Ash 457

How To Order:​​​​​​​

1) Pick up to 3 Colors that you want samples of from the color selection

2) Enter a quantity of 1 in the Quantity Field at the top of the listing

3) Add to Cart

4) When the Shopping Cart window opens, a box for Special Instructions For Seller will be available for you to send a note telling us the color numbers and color names of the 5 colors you picked out.

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