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Copy of Vinyl Siding Foundry COLOR SAMPLES for 7" Perfection Shingle and 10" Staggered Shake (Color Choice Required)


  • $12.95

Color Samples for Foundry 7" Perfection Shingle and 10" Staggered Shake Products

Please note that these are only Color Samples and not actual pieces of the siding

Colors NOT available

Vanilla Bean 814, Golden Straw 816, Sandalwood 831, Denim 888, Midnight Cloud 889, Reclaimed Cedar 890 and Arizona Clay 891

You can choose up to 5 colors per order

How To Order:​​​​​​​

1) Pick up to 5 Colors that you want samples of from the color selection

2) Enter a quantity of 1 in the Quantity Field at the top of the listing

3) Add to Cart

4) When the Shopping Cart window opens, a box for Special Instructions For Seller will be available for you to send a note telling us the color numbers and color names of the 5 colors you picked out.

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