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TandoStone Creek LedgeStone Composite Siding and Accessories from Tando

Premium Stone Siding Panels

Tando Creek LedgeStone is a composite stone that installs like regular vinyl siding. It features the rugged look of various sized hand-picked stones with grout lines in-between. The grout shows the natural variation of each stone and the Tando TruGrit texture gives it the look and feel of real stone. One person can install it, which makes it the preferred choice of homeowners and professionals. The composite construction makes it impervious to moisture and it is virtually maintenance free. TandoStone is the #1 Brand of Composite Stone.

Tando Creek LedgeStone is a premium stone siding panel that looks fantastic on any home it is applied to. Coming in various colors and options, these premium stone siding panel options are guaranteed to make your home look better. It has a rugged exterior feel and look to it and has the touch and feel of real stone. In addition, it is also fire resistant! Shop with us today to learn more about the options that you can choose for your home. We greatly look forward to serving you!

Due to inconsistencies in computer screen settings, we strongly encourage our customers to order color samples to ensure you receive the desired color. Please double check your measurements to ensure the quantities are correct. Every order is considered a custom order. Our supplier does not accept returns, therefore we cannot.
If you have any questions regarding these products, please get in contact with us at 251-751-4044 and we will be happy to assist you!