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TandoShake RoughSawn Cedar Single and RoughSawn Cedar Dual Composite Siding and Accessories from Tando

Tando, fromerly Exteria, TandoShake RoughSawn Cedar Single is a single course composite siding that looks like real cedar, but installs like regular vinyl siding. It has a 6 1/2-inch exposure and features random mill saw marks and a long, subtle grain for a clean, classic look. This product is perfect for installations around dormers and peaks because of its minimal waste due to its single course and 90" long profile.

TandoShake RoughSawn Cedar Dual is a dual course composite siding and has the same 6 1/2-inch exposure and look as the RoughSawn Cedar Single. The Dual coarse provides for easier installation for larger wall areas that are vertically and horizontally straight. 

TandoShake products are made of a high-quality polypropylene composite. They are impervious to moisture, so they are perfect for roofline or ground contact installations. These products are lightweight and easy for one person to install and require virtually no upkeep.